New Patient Guidelines

nurse with patientOur patients are uninsured Grant County residents who make less than 300% of the federal poverty income level, and do NOT qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. Although many of our patients work, the following situations are common:

  • They are employed in industries that do not offer benefits or they work part-time and do not qualify for benefits.
  • Their benefits have been cut or their health insurance premiums are too costly.
  • They have recently become unemployed and are looking for work.

Bridges is NOT a "walk-in" clinic. Patients must apply to Bridges to Health, and upon acceptance patients are seen by appointment only. To apply to become a Bridges to Health patient, download an application below.

Download PDF Documents:

Or pick one up at the Bridges to Health administration office at 1251 W. Kem Road, Suite E

(Mon - Thurs 9 am - 3 pm or Tues 5 pm - 8 pm)

Persons in Family100% Nat'l Poverty GuidelinesBridges to Health Guidelines
1 $12,490 $37,470
2 $16,910 $50,730
3 $21,330 $63,990
4 $25,750 $77,250
5 $30,170 $90,510
6 $34,590 $103,770
7 $39,010 $117,030
8 $43,430 $130,290
For each additional person, add $4,420  

 For family units with more than 8 members, add $4,420 for each additional member. (The same increment applies to smaller families' sizes also, as can be seen in the figures above.)

About Bridges

Bridges to Health is a primary care clinic. In addition to treating patients at our facility, BTH also works with physician and dental offices in the community referring patients to specialists as needed.

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